Professional Or Do it Yourself Move In Cleaning

Move In Cleaning Services

So you’re moving into a new place –– congrats! Before you pop the bubbly, you need to bust out the cleaning supplies. But after a long day of moving, giving your new house a good scrub down is the last thing on your to-do list. But you don’t have to settle for living in someone else’s mess ­­–– just book a Tasker for a move-in cleaning.

With just a few clicks, a Tasker will get your new home looking its best. That means checking off any item on your to-do list. Think dusting the lights and fans, scrubbing the tile and tub, cleaning the carpet and windows. We know that a new home is a chance for a fresh start, and there’s no better way to start fresh than with a truly clean slate

What’s included in a move-in cleaning?

The short answer: whatever you’d like. From scrubbing the floors and toilets to wiping down the fridge and counters, and whatever else will make you feel at home, Taskers can make it happen

Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies?

Nope. That’s the beauty of booking Taskers –– they’re experienced and are there to make your life easier. Whether you haven’t unpacked your cleaning supplies or simply don’t own them, no problem –– just let your Taskers know in advance. They’ll arrive with the proper supplies and equipment

Can I book a same-day move in cleaning?

Definitely. Maybe it slipped your mind, or perhaps you thought you’d be up for cleaning your new place after you moved in, but you have too many other to-do items to check off. (Hello, unpacking!) We get it –– life happens. Whatever the reason, Taskers have your back. Let experienced move-in cleaning services make life in your new home more comfortable

Things Most Renters Forget To Clean When They Move

Moving out of your apartment can be a very busy and exciting time. Unfortunately, as moving day gets closer, most people find that the mountain of things to organize, clean, and pack only seems to grow larger and larger. And with this never-ending list of “to do’s” it can be easy to let important tasks slip through the cracks.

One of the most common errors we see people make is forgetting to clean their apartment properly when they move. What makes this mistake so dangerous is that it puts your damage deposit in jeopardy. That’s why at On The Go Moving we’ve compiled an apartment move-out checklist to help you get your old home clean before moving day


This may seem like an obvious thing to clean when you’re moving out, but you’d be surprised at just how many renters walk out of their apartment doors without a final sweep and mop. This is more than just a quick, casual sweep that we’re talking about – this should be the most thorough cleaning your apartment floor has ever seen. Make sure all hardwood and tile floors are immaculately swept and mopped and that all carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and have had any stains removed.


The condition of your apartment’s walls will play a big factor into whether you see that damage deposit back in your bank account or not, so don’t forget to add this to your moving checklist. Remove any hooks, nails, or tacks that you have added to the walls throughout your time living in the apartment. Go through and double check every room just to be sure that you’ve removed them all. Once you’ve removed all the wall mounts, be sure to carefully fill and cover the holes so that they blend in with the rest of the wall.


Before you move out of your apartment, make sure that you deep clean ALL cabinets. This includes kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and garage cabinets. Sterilize the cabinet interiors with a spray cleaner of your choice and wipe down the outsides, making sure that they look shiny and fresh.

Deep cleaning your house before a vital move: tips and tricks

Whether you have a rental property that needs a new tenant or are moving home, it’s a good idea to give your house a deep clean. However, this can be a tricky job, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start

Get it as clear as possible

Decluttering is one of the vital stages of deep cleaning, as it allows you to see the area that you’ve got to clean. Get rid of any items that you don’t want or need, and have a good tidy. Even if you just want to give your house a good spring clean, explains Mead, having too many items around just gets in the way.

Remember that some items can go in the loft, if you have one, but if they can go in the loft, are you really using them? It’s fair enough for seasonal decorations – Christmas decorations are notorious for being hidden away for 11 months of the year – but if they are everyday items that aren’t being used every day, they would probably be better off in a charity shop or at the dump.

Deal with the curtains next

Curtains can make a place look brighter, but they are traditionally a nightmare to wash. This is because they’re made of two different materials, and they are also highly prone to shrinkage – they are not designed to be washed. Various places will wash them professionally, and they will charge according to the size of the curtain.

Get any painting out of the way

If you want to do any painting, now is the time to do it. You have your furniture covered or removed entirely and the curtains are gone. Any drips can be quickly removed from the floor (which should be covered in an ideal world!) and you can move about freely.

Moving checklist: steps to your dream home

finding a new home and giving notice

Find a new home

Search for a home on the largest property portal

Request an extract from the debt collection register (most landlords require this along with the application form).

Sign the tenancy agreement for your new home.

Pay the rental deposit.

Take out or adjust your home contents insurance (e.g. if you are moving in with someone, need a higher sum insured etc.).

Take out legal protection insurance if necessary.

Take out rental deposit insurance if necessary.

Give notice on your current home

Terminate your current tenancy agreement. Always send the termination letter by registered post. Note: the letter must reach the landlord by the day before the termination deadline. The date of the postmark does not matter; the relevant date is the one on which the landlord receives the termination letter.

Find a replacement tenant if you have given notice early. Otherwise, you will have to pay the rent outstanding for the period remaining until the next standard date of termination. You can advertise your old home.

If you are moving in with several people: agree with your landlord on a contract clause governing contractual amendments (moving in/out of individual parties).

If you are selling your house or apartment, you can check out the tips on selling property compiled.

Notify authorities and service providers

Deregister with your local municipality.

Change your address for contractual partners and organize forwarding Post:

Health insurance provider

Car insurance provider (including any change to your parking situation – garage or outdoors – as this may affect your premium)

District command / civil defence / civilian service

Employer (and update emergency contact information)


Banks / PostFinance / credit card company

Telephone directory entry

School/kindergarten/institute of further education

Note: if you are moving to a new canton, you can find useful information in our article on moving to another canton.

Prepare for the move itself

The main question is: who will help you? Friends and family or a removal firm?

Tip: a removal firm will save you many hours of work and is insured against damage. Quotes for a professional moving company to move a 3-room apartment typically start at CHF 700. Request moving quotes now.

Clear out your apartment, storage spaces, basement, garage, attic and garden:

Dispose of hazardous waste and bulky items.

Dispose of old or unneeded medication at the pharmacy or at a collection site.

Take unwanted clothes to a donation bin or charity store.


Isn’t it nice to walk into a sparkling home? Picture the bright floors, windows so clean they are nearly invisible, and the pleasant aroma of cleanliness. You don’t need to picture it; make it a reality for your new home by securing move-in cleaning

You are the perfect candidate for a weekly cleaning service if you don’t have the time to tackle a regular thorough cleaning job. And who does? Sure, things like washing the dishes should be done daily, but these days, that’s often a matter of loading a machine and pressing a button.

The ones that need to be done at least once a week to keep your place clean. Something like vacuuming doesn’t have to be done every day, but it should be taken care of at least weekly. Let us lighten your load by doing the jobs that take up a significant portion of your time.

recurring cleaning services are empowering for the individual or family with a single residence. But suppose you have multiple locations to keep clean. Maybe you’ve got commercial properties, or you’re a landlord. Talk to about keeping your properties fresh and clean. have a hard-working team that is capable of handling multiple jobs during the course of a day.

when you move into your house, you’ll want your home to look and smell that good every day. When you come home from work, everything sparkles and shines. There’s no dirt on the floor, crumbs on the carpeting, or dust on the mantle. Instead of rushing around to make dinner and then start on your cleaning to-do list, you can enjoy making a leisurely dinner and spend precious time with your family.